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Welcome to Kdramania's Watchlist, where we bring you the latest and greatest Korean dramas currently making waves in the world of K-drama enthusiasts! If you're a devoted fan or a newcomer eager to explore the best of Korean entertainment, our current watchlist is your gateway to the most thrilling and captivating dramas airing right now.

My Demon

Do Do-Hee, a formidable heiress to the Future Group, meets Jeong Gu-Won, a centuries-old demon. In a twist of fate, they enter a contract marriage after he unexpectedly loses his powers. Now, to save himself, Jeong Gu-Won must protect Do Do-Hee, who holds the key to his lost abilities. Watch as their alliance evolves into a captivating romantic journey in "My Demon". Watch it on Netflix.


Strong Girl Nam-Soon

Strong Girl Nam-Soon tells the story of a woman named Gang Nam-soon who possesses superhuman strength. Separated from her family in Mongolia as a child, she reunites with her mother, a wealthy businesswoman, and grandmother upon returning to South Korea. Together, they navigate family secrets, fight injustice, and discover the true meaning of strength. The drama offers a mix of action, humor, and heartwarming moments, making it a must-watch for fans of superhero stories with a unique family dynamic.

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