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Death's Game Part 1 Review

Updated: Jan 13

"Death's Game" is a really unique and interesting drama that had me hooked just from the concept itself, I ended up watching all four episode in one day over new years eve dinner with my family. "In 'Death's Game,' we are walked through the turbulent life of Choi Yi-jae, played by the incredible Seo In-guk. He's a guy down on his luck, dealing with job rejections for seven years, drowning in student debt, and to top it off, he gets scammed and finds out his girlfriend may be with someone else. He commits suicide when he then meets Death. Death punishes him by making him live (and die) through 12 different lives.

TVING, Death's Game
TVING, Death's Game

After his own suicide attempt, Choi Yi-jae wakes up in the body of someone else aboard a luxurious plane. This marks the beginning of the 12 lives he must experience. Here, he is confronted by "Death," who informs him of the punishment: Yi-jae will die 12 times, each time inhabiting the body of a person on the brink of death. However, if he manages to avoid the death in the body he enters, he could potentially live out the rest of his life in that body.

Each life that Yi-jae steps into unfolds a new layer of emotional depth, challenging not only his perception of life and death but also stirring deep empathy in viewers. The show brilliantly captures the essence of despair and hope, often within the same episode, making it a profoundly moving experience.

This show also has some serious acting power with Sung Hoon, Lee Jae-wook, Lee Do-hyun, Yoo In-soo all in this drama. I particularly enjoyed the interactions between Lee Jae-wook and Yoo In-soo after seeing them together in Alchemy of Souls.

"Game's Death" is phenomenal and one of the best mini dramas to come out in 2023. I would rate it a 10 but taking off half a point for making us wait for part 2. Watch it on Amazon.

Acting: 5/5

Storyline: 5/5

Cinematography: 5/5

Overall Entertainment Value: 5/5

 I rate it 9.5 stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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