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My Demon (Episodes 7&8) Review

It was seriously agonizing waiting for episode 7 for a whole week, that cliffhanger left me reeling for more and I did not want to wait that long. It's the kind of suspense that keeps you up at night, pondering over every detail, theorizing about what will happen next.

Netflix, My Demon
Netflix, My Demon

Episode 7 starts right back in the photobooth where in order not to be discovered they share a cute kiss which deepens their feelings towards each other, as well showcasing their tantalizing chemistry. It also shows that Gu Won starts to lose his power slowly.

The episode also takes a poignant turn as it unveils the backstory between Gu Won and Jin Ga-yeong. Their relationship is painted with a blend of parental and savior-like undertones, evoking a sense of empathy for Ga-yeong. It's a touching yet heartrending revelation, especially as she grapples with the reality of Gu Won drifting towards another.

A particularly endearing moment is when we see Do Hee conversing with an imaginary Madam Ju. In these imaginary dialogues, she candidly vents about the quirks and challenges of her faux-marriage with Gu Won. This adds a sweet, humorous layer to their complex dynamic. However, the episode takes a sharp, suspenseful turn when Gu Won is unexpectedly stabbed by a creepy assailant, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Netflix, My Demon
Netflix, My Demon

Episode 8 opens with the tense moment of Gu Won being stabbed by Gwang-chol, leading to a dramatic emergency situation as he does not have power without Do Hee by his side. Concurrently, Do Hee faces accusations at the police station, being suspected of murdering Cheon-sook, is unable to assist Gu Won.

Gu Won only starts to recover once Do Hee is with him. Despite their circumstances, Gu Won and Do Hee share an awkward yet intimate night, trying to maintain physical contact for Gu Won's healing. Ga-young confronts both Gu Won and Do Hee, accusing Do Hee of using Gu Won and weakening him, and Gu Won of ignoring his true demonic nature.

This leads to Do Hee, after much contemplation and a conversation with Seok-hoon, to withdraw her candidacy for Chairperson. As she doesnt want to hurt anybody around her, she distancts herself from Gu-Won, fearful he will get killed because of her. He realizing that he has fallen in love with, wants only to be by her side and find her in Madam Ju's garden where he kisses her.

Keeping it at 9 stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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