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Re/Member (Japanese Movie) Review

I love Japanese horror and so when my family and I decided to give this movie a try, my anticipation was high, especially given its interesting plot that promised a blend of suspense, mystery, and the supernatural. The movie's premise, reminiscent of the "Happy Death Day" series but with a distinct Japanese twist, seemed like a recipe for a good horror experience. It was anything but that.

Netflix, Re/Member

We probably should have listened to the reviews but decided to give it a go.

"Re/Member" opens with a fascinating concept: six high school students trapped in a macabre time loop, haunted by a child ghost with their escape hinging on assembling the scattered remains of the child ghost victim. This setup, rich with potential for terror and tension, initially captivated us.

However, as the movie progressed, our initial enthusiasm waned, giving way to disappointment. Despite my usual appreciation for Japanese horror's ability to blend psychological depth with supernatural elements, "Re/Member" struggled to deliver a coherent or engaging plot. What began as an interesting twist on familiar tropes soon became a tedious, confusing journey through seemingly endless loops that failed to advance the story or deepen our connection to the characters.

We ended up not even finishing the movie when it was near the end of the film. It's rare for me to abandon a movie, especially one that sits within a genre I and my family enjoy. However, "Re/Member," with its disjointed storytelling and lack of suspense, failed to hold our interest.

Acting: 2/5

Storyline: 1/5

Cinematography: 2/5

Overall Entertainment Value: 2/5

 I rate it 2 stars: ⭐⭐

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