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Squid Game: The Challenge Episode 02

Episode 1 kicked off with a thrilling start, launching into action with the intense red light, green light game that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The numerous eliminations and gripping moments added a layer of excitement that had me eagerly anticipating the second episode.

Netflix, Squid Game: The Challenge
Netflix, Squid Game: The Challenge

Player 187 (Kevin) played it tough, he was stubborn and would not move to the umbrella. He and the rest are out, I wonder how many more it will take to pick the shapes.

Next group are in and it's done! Player 299 (Spencer) has done it and chose umbrella. This is not going to be going well for his team.

Player 299 (Spencer) seems like he will hurl and curl up before the game even begins. Poor guy.

They are starting the Honeycomb Dalgona and it looks like most are going with the licking method.

Wow most on the umbrella team are out. I dont know how anybody could have done it.

I hope player 203 (LeAnn) succeeds!

Player 456 is done!

I really feel bad for Player 299 (Spencer). He looks like he needs to go to the hospital.

Player 132 (Dani) is eliminated. I really thought she would go farther.

Total 134 eliminated on this one - more people than I thought.

Good on you Husnain, stand up for yourself.

The Gganbu alliance is created, player 243 (Stephen) is really good at creating relationships. He seems genuine.

New test! A phone is brought to the players.

Player 097 (Jada) is a beast, grabbing a whole burger.

Poor Husnain, he will never convince anybody to pick up the phone.

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