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Squid Game: The Challenge Episode 01

I never expected Netflix to turn Squid Game into a real-life competition. While the K-drama was a massive hit, it also offered a stark view of reality and the desperation for a better life. Watching the reality show, I found it compelling, and here are some thoughts I had for the first episode.

Netflix, Squid Game (The Challenge)
Netflix, Squid Game (The Challenge)

We are starting right off with the game Red Light, Green Light!

Seeing the people "die" is a bit silly.

So far rooting for players 301 & 302 the mom and son duo.

Players who stood out to me: Player 200 (Mothi), Player 097 (Jada), Player 161 (Lorenzo)

Player 385 gave up - that was really sad. I was hoping she would persevere.

WOW - A whopping 259 players have been eliminated in the game! That's a higher number than I initially anticipated.

The Front Man has a lovely voice. I wish we could see his face.

Curious how far the "boys alliance" will go.

Where is player 456?

I didn't expect Player 161 (Lorenzo) to don that outfit, but it's truly unique and caught me by surprise.

I'm not a fan of these "tests"; the original Squid Game's first rule was player equality, ensuring that everyone started on a level playing field. In these games, that sense of equality seems to be missing here.

Player 200 (Mothi) eliminated! Nooo :(

The Game Gall is perfectly designed, looking like a twisted children's playroom where one might engage in a macabre game of hide and seek.

Time for the Honeycomb Challenge, Dalgona!!

Well this is a twist, the four players have to agree on the shapes. This is going to be hard. I wonder who is going to have the umbrella.

Wow! first four players eliminated due to disagreeing on the shapes. It seems that players are either completely stubborn or just willing to die for their team to have the better chance.

Second group is up. They are goners too!

What an ending to the episode!

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