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Top 10 Crime K-Dramas for Your Watchlist

1. Mouse (2021): This mind-bending thriller delves into the nature of good and evil, questioning whether a psychopath's fate is predetermined. With its captivating narrative and complex moral dilemmas, Mouse is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful crime dramas. Watch it on Viki.

2. Flower of Evil (2020): A seemingly perfect husband harbors a dark secret that his detective wife stumbles upon. This gripping drama explores themes of lies, betrayal, and the complexities of marriage, keeping you guessing until the very end. Watch it on Netflix/Viki.

3. The Devil Judge (2021): A mysterious and unconventional judge presides over a courtroom show where the entire nation participates in the verdict. This thought-provoking drama examines themes of justice, corruption, and the power of public opinion, offering a unique twist on the crime genre. Watch it on Viki.

4. Taxi Driver (2021): A mysterious taxi service offers revenge to victims who have been failed by the legal system. This action-packed drama delivers satisfying justice alongside thrilling chase sequences and complex characters. Watch it on Viki.

5. Stranger (2017-2020): A detective with exceptional memory tackles intricate cold cases, uncovering a web of corruption within the police force. This critically acclaimed series offers a compelling mix of suspense, social commentary, and unforgettable characters. Watch it on Netflix/Viki.

6. Vincenzo (2021): A Korean-Italian lawyer returns to his homeland to reclaim his father's assets and encounters a group of tenants fighting against a powerful corporation. This action-packed drama combines legal battles with thrilling action sequences and heartwarming moments of community spirit. Watch on Netflix.

7. Vigilante (2023): A man takes the law into his own hands to punish criminals who escape legal consequences. This gritty drama explores the dark side of vigilantism and raises questions about justice and revenge. Watch on Hulu.

8. The Penthouse (2020-2021): Three ambitious women living in a luxurious penthouse apartment building become entangled in a web of greed, power, and murder. This addictive drama offers over-the-top twists, unexpected betrayals, and high-stakes competition. Watch on Viki.

9. Vagabond (2019): A stuntman's life is turned upside down when he uncovers a conspiracy connected to a plane crash that killed his nephew. This action-packed drama delivers thrilling chases, intense fight sequences, and a complex mystery that unravels secrets about a corrupt government. Watch on Netflix.

10. Extracurricular (2020): A seemingly ordinary high school student leads a dangerous double life as the leader of a criminal enterprise. This thought-provoking drama explores the consequences of moral compromises and the dark underbelly of youth culture. Watch on Netflix.

This diverse list offers a variety of crime K-dramas with different subgenres, themes, and levels of intensity. From the mind-bending suspense of Mouse to the action-packed thrill of Vincenzo, there's a crime drama waiting to be discovered for every viewer.

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