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Top 5 Underrated K-Dramas

While the world of K-dramas is dominated by popular titles, there are many series that, despite their exceptional quality, haven't received the limelight they deserve. Here's a list of 5 such K-dramas that are underrated but are absolute must-watches for any K-drama enthusiast.

1. My Mister (2018)

tvN, My Mister
tvN, My Mister

Genre: Drama, Family

Synopsis: This deeply moving drama tells the story of three middle-aged brothers facing their own life challenges, and a young woman who has had a tough life. It's a poignant tale that explores themes of life's hardships, family bonds, and the unexpected friendships that help us through tough times. "My Mister" is a heart-wrenching, yet beautifully crafted series that touches the soul. Watch it on Viki.

2. The Game Towards Zero (2020)

MBC TV, The Game Towards Zero
MBC TV, The Game Towards Zero

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Synopsis: "The Game: Towards Zero" centers on Tae-Pyeong, played by Ok Taec-yeon, who possesses a prophet-like ability to see the exact moment of someone's death by looking into their eyes. Living with Teacher Baek and Attorney Lee Yeon-Hwa in a mansion, Tae-Pyeong's life takes a dramatic turn when a girl is kidnapped, potentially by the infamous Midnight Killer. As Tae-Pyeong assists the police in this harrowing case, he encounters Detective Joon-Young, the first person whose death he cannot foresee. Together, they embark on a frantic mission to apprehend the Midnight Killer. Watch it on Viki.

3. Extracurricular (2020)

Netflix, Extracurricular
Netflix, Extracurricular

Genre: Crime, Drama

Synopsis: "Extracurricular" is a gripping and intense series that delves into the dark side of youth, where high school students get involved in crime to earn money. It's a raw and realistic portrayal of desperation and the lengths one will go to escape poverty. The show is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by young people in a highly competitive society. Watch it on Netflix.

4. Happiness (2021)

tvN, Happiness
tvN, Happiness

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Synopsis: Set in a near-future, "Happiness" is an apocalyptic thriller that follows the lives of residents in a high-rise apartment amidst a viral pandemic. It combines elements of suspense, action, and human drama, highlighting both the fragility and resilience of human beings in times of crisis. Watch it on Viki.

5. Prison Playbook (2017)

tvN, Prison Playbook
tvN, Prison Playbook

Genre: Black Comedy, Drama

Synopsis: This series offers a unique perspective on life inside a prison. It's an engaging mix of dark humor and emotional depth, focusing on the lives of inmates and staff in a correctional facility. "Prison Playbook" is not just about crime and punishment, but also about redemption, friendship, and the human spirit. Watch it on Netflix.

These K-dramas, with their compelling narratives and deep emotional resonance, are perfect examples of quality television that might have slipped past the mainstream radar. Each of them offers a unique viewing experience, promising to leave a lasting impression. So, if you're looking to explore the rich landscape of Korean dramas beyond the usual hits, these titles are a great place to start.

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