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Derailment (C-Drama) Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

"Derailment" is an intriguing Chinese drama that takes viewers on an extraordinary journey through parallel universes. The series follows Jiang Xiao Yuan, whose life oscillates between being a wealthy daughter and an ordinary working girl, depending on the universe she's in. This unique premise sets the stage for a deep exploration of identity and the impact of different life circumstances.

Youku, Derailment
Youku, Derailment

The show skillfully blends elements of romance, life, drama, and fantasy, creating a multifaceted narrative. Jiang Xiao Yuan's character, portrayed with nuance, is complemented by the mysterious Qi Lian, adding layers of intrigue and complexity to the plot. The transition from riches to rags and back adds an interesting dynamic to Jiang's character development.

"Derailment" stands out for its original storyline and the way it addresses the existential questions about 'what if'. The 30-episode drama is a thought-provoking series that challenges viewers to contemplate the essence of identity and the role of fate. Each episode contributes to the unfolding mystery, keeping the audience engaged till the end.

While the concept of parallel universes isn't new, "Derailment" presents it in a fresh and engaging manner. The show is a commendable watch for those who enjoy dramas that offer more than just entertainment but provoke thoughtful reflection on the complexities of life and self-discovery. Watch it on YouTube.

ML/FL Chemistry: 5/5

Storyline: 4/5

Cinematography: 5/5

Overall Entertainment Value: 5/5

I rate it 9 stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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