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My Demon (Episodes 3&4) Review

Netflix, My Demon
Netflix, My Demon

Episode 3 of "My Demon" opens with Do-Hee being attacked by an unknown assassin. Gu-won intervenes, shielding her from the acid thrown at her and deepening their unspoken connection.

Gu-won begins to realize his growing vulnerability as he spontaneously ignites. In an attempt to stave off his impending doom, he makes a deal with a mother of a dying girl in the presence of Do-Hee.

The deal saves the girl's life, but at the cost of the mother's remaining ten years. This event exposes the demonic nature of Gu-won to Do-Hee, and she no longer desires him as her bodyguard.

Gu-won himself later visits the now-healthy girl, grappling with the guilt he carries as a result of his actions for survival. Do-Hee later goes to a resturant where she sees the now happy family and changes her mind regarding Gu Won.

Do-Hee discovers her her adoptive mother's body in the greenhouse and frantically seeks help from Gu-won, but he reveals he can't bring back the dead. Do-Hee suspects foul play and investigates Madam Ju's death with Gu-won's assistance. They uncover evidence of medical negligence, leading Do-Hee to publicly declare her mother's murder at the funeral.

In episode 4, determined to find her adoptive mother's killer and protect her last wish, Do-Hee proposes a shocking deal. She offers to marry Gu-won in.

Do-Hee uses her business acumen to investigate the suspects, including her own family members who stand to benefit from Madam Ju's inheritance.

Throughout the episodes, Do-Hee faces constant danger from assassins hired by her family members. This renders her feeling vulnerable and anxious, relying on Gu-won for protection. Gu-won, in turn, is fiercely protective of Do-Hee, driven by his growing affection and his desire to fulfill his duty as her bodyguard.

Do-Hee and Gu-Won find themselves surrounded by assassins which culminates in the captivating and thrilling tango scene

Episodes 3 and 4 set the stage for an exciting and suspenseful journey. The tango scene is one of my absoluete favorite scenes in all of the kdramas I have watched, and I have watched a lot.

For the tango scene alone. I adjust my rating to 10 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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